Looker Documentation

Get Started with Looker

If you’re new to Looker and don’t know where to start, this is a good place.

Latest Features

Read about the new features in Looker’s most recent releases.

Find and Organize Content

Learn how to find the reports and dashboards others in your company have already made, and how to organize that content.

Send and Share Content

Learn how to share the content you’ve found or created, as well as how to send content and data to other services.

Retrieve and Chart Data

Learn how to pull data out of Looker and turn it into tables and graphs.

Create Dashboards and Reports

Learn how to create dashboards and reports in Looker.

Use the Development Environment

Learn about setting up and working in Looker’s developer environment.

Write LookML

Learn how to write LookML, which is Looker’s language for describing your SQL data and the options you want for your users.

Use the API and Embedding

Learn how to embed Looker data in various ways and how to use our API.

Setup and Administer Looker

Learn how to setup Looker for the first time and how to use its administration functions.