Streamline your work by using one tool to gain insight and take action. Looker Actions connects the data you use with the tools you need to make decisions. Add buttons in Looker to use your data to do everything from engaging your customers to updating records in any of the 100s of software applications you use.

What can you do with Looker Actions?


Take real-time action on trends you discover in Looker. Update records in Salesforce, create a new task in JIRA, or reserve an Amazon server for high usage.


Share insights instantly within your team or with the rest of your company via Slack or email. Identify key customer segments and send tailored messages or emails to improve engagement.


Automate your workflow with Looker to schedule and deliver data anywhere. Send user lists to Marketo, or schedule PDFs of dashboards to the cloud before important board meetings.

Power users through Looker Actions

  • Schedule alerts into slack to bring data into your existing workflow

  • Inject Looker data directly into Slack conversations to answer important questions

  • Create custom slack commands specific to your company needs

  • Create and Update JIRA issues referencing data from Looker

  • Send data to JIRA as a specific user

  • Make use of our advanced scheduling capabilities to trigger alerts to JIRA

  • Send custom email cohorts from Looker to a variety of integrations like Marketo, Hubspot, Urban Airship

  • Activate win-back and upsell campaigns right from within Looker

  • Connect to a full list of Segment integrations

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