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Looker Blocks make it easy for any business to start analyzing data faster. Reusable and modular, each Looker Block is templatized code - created by the data analysts at Looker and Looker Certified Partners - that can be used to quickly build your data model on the Looker data platform in a way that is completely customized to your business needs.


Head straight to Docs or find the section you need below:

  • Browse If you need to browse through existing reports and dashboards, or download and share reports, start here.

  • Explore If you need to learn how to explore your data to create reports, charts, and dashboards, start here.

  • Develop If you need to learn how to write or manage LookML, Looker’s data modeling language, start here.

  • Administer If you need to change settings, monitor Looker, manage users, or add database connections, start here.

  • Setup If you need to setup a Looker instance or configure your database to work with Looker, start here.

Support and Services

Admins can chat with Looker Support directly within Looker or send an email to: