Enterprise BI customers

Top enterprise companies trust Looker for all of their analytics needs.

Architected for data security

Single-point access provides a robust data governance infrastructure ideal for enterprise

Set restrictions and control data sprawl while providing regulated access to all users

Leverage database security protocols to maintain secure, governed access across teams

Flexible, scalable, and customizable data

Deploy Looker across multiple databases and clouds. Power insights for a single team, or many departments.

  • Customized pricing module to fit your business needs
  • Embedded Analytics: Build and deploy right within your product and deliver data to your customers with Powered by Looker
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems including ML and AI technologies, along with in-house tools. Looker works with an extensive library of systems and tools and 60% of our customers say that Looker helps them replace existing tools
  • Leverage pre-existing code for solutions such as AdWords for faster time-to-value implementation. Then customize functionality and reports for your business needs
  • Looker is a full, self-service enterprise BI tool to help you analyze large sets of data quickly and efficiently

Award-winning support & services

Dedicated in-product, in-contextual chat support whenever your data teams need it.

Leverage Looker’s professional services team and a network of local consultants with domain knowledge for accelerated value for business

“95% of customers believe that Looker’s chat support is better than most, with 81% saying it is significantly better"
- Techvalidate, 2018

Leverage Looker’s partner network

Global cloud and database providers, including:

Driving value for our customers