Monetize your data and reduce costs

Create new revenue streams and reduce costs for your customers by delivering data applications that enable powerful insights. Drive upsells by offering governed, best in class analytics and data-sharing technologies at a premium tier of service.

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Ship better data products faster

Rapidly prototype new data experiences with our APIs, SDKs, and modular components to quickly drive better product-market fit and increase engagement.

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Modern developer workflows

Collaborate better and ensure continuity as you embed reporting into your product. Manage your whole workflow in git with true version history and an agile development process.

Urban Airship uses Looker’s embedded analytics to help leading brands engage their mobile users and maximize their reach.

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Scalable and predictable performance

Make changes to your embedded reporting easily as you grow. Maintain your model in one place and have metric definitions and user permissions update everywhere automatically.

Looker helps Kollective add strategic value to its product while freeing up engineering resources.

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Rapid value, deep customization

Get up and running fast. Customize the look and feel of your embedded analytics to match your application. Robust APIs, SDKs and a library of popular integrations put you in control.

Guidewire uses Looker to add value to its enterprise software and reduce time to market.

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Deeper interactions for rich experiences

Build embedded reporting experiences that allow your customers to drill down, explore, schedule alerts and ask the next question of their data in a self-serve manner.

Ibotta provides clients with a deeper understanding of how their products were performing with customized dashboards built on Looker.

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A common framework for monetizing data with Looker embedded analytics

Good $
Better $$
Best $$$
Historical data 6-11 months 12-23 months 24+ months
Granularity of data aggregates row level row and column level
Ad hoc analysis static reporting self-serve exploration build reports, schedule, actions, alerts
Data actions none storage only:
Box, Dropbox, Drive, AWS S3
all including
Slack, Twilio, Adwords
Customization none metrics only metrics, filters, reports
End-user type view only view and explore explore with actions
Admin reporting static only explore only automated actions

Good $

Historical data
6-11 months
Granularity of data
Ad hoc analysis
static reporting
Data actions
End-user type
view only
Admin reporting
static only

Better $$

Best $$$