Platform Expansion

Data when and where it’s needed most. Ownership defined by you.

  • Accelerate time-to-value with data applications that operationalize insights around digital marketing, web, and Salesforce data

  • A new open-source library and Javascript SDK make it easier than ever to develop seamless custom internal or embedded data solutions

  • Enhanced alerting functionality delivers key insights directly into existing workflows, to help drive better decisions

Looker 6

Accelerated time to value. Endlessly adaptable for changing needs.

  • Personal, practical experiences: new applications, visualization capabilities and workflow integrations deliver more value faster

  • Flexible and scalable analytics platform: new analyst tools, embed customization and APIs for efficiency and adaptability

  • Easy to own and deploy: enterprise-class offerings, plus new support and service resources to help throughout your journey

Looker for Google BQML

Discover the new possibilities of scalable machine learning.

  • Leverage machine learning at scale and free up time to focus on higher-value analysis

  • Reduce complexity by eliminating the need to move outputs of predictive models back into the database

  • Move from data to decisions faster by leveraging industry-leading analytic technologies to take action instantly

Data Science Workflows

Streamline the prep and delivery of your data to maximize impact.

  • Send your largest datasets directly to your machine learning tools of choice via Stream Results

  • Federate your model outputs alongside data from any connected source via Merged Results

  • Integrate directly with best-of-breed solutions via the Looker R SDK, Python connections or our integration with TensorFlow

Data Visualization Tools

Fresh data never looked so good.

  • Select a visualization from the Looker library, or build your own

  • Enhance your visualizations with elegant details from trend lines to conditional formatting

  • Pop your visualization onto a dashboard and start building schedules, set alerts, and more!

A New Looker Home Page

A more compelling homepage designed to be more informative to users.

  • Our new homepage intelligently suggests dashboards and data content to surface to users based on a variety of factors

  • Looker admins can curate sections on the homepage to display content everyone sees

  • Jump back into the action and stay in the know with sections that surface recently viewed content by yourself and your group

Action Hub

Make your analysis actionable with just the push of a button.

  • Connect Looker to your other tools at the push of a button, and simplify your workflow with Looker

  • Choose from a library of 3rd party integrations accessible through Looker’s Action Hub, from Slack to Salesforce

  • Act on, communicate, and deliver key insights to other tools, automatically and instantly

Data Blocks

Public data, available in seconds.

  • Add valuable context to your business’s data instantly, with pre-modeled external datasets

  • Identify how weather impacts your user’s activity down to the ZIP code level, or discover new market opportunities using granular demographic data from the US Census

  • Access these live datasets via Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Platform instantly, or ETL them into your data warehouse

Git Branching

Version control in Looker just got a whole lot better.

  • Looker’s released a powerful new feature for version control that allows users to build out new additions to their data model without fear of breaking the model for anyone else

  • Looker users can now create branches off an existing Looker project, giving them the power to easily manage changes to multiple different projects

  • Teams can collaborate and get feedback on changes more easily by viewing and working together on the same branch of code

Looker 5

A Data Platform for everyone.

  • Looker 5 upgrades the Looker platform with a custom visualization library, tools to create curated experiences for end-users, and pre-modeled datasets you can easily combine with your data

  • Take action on insights gleaned from data in Looker by selecting from one of many integrations from Looker’s Action Hub

  • Visualize your SQL queries right from Looker’s powerful new SQL Runner for ad-hoc analysis

Looker Blocks® Suite for AWS

Explore your Amazon Redshift and AWS metadata to more easily optimize your usage.

  • Surface metadata from your AWS and Amazon Redshift usage on beautiful, intuitive Looker dashboards with Looker Blocks®

  • Leverage Looker’s functionality to drill into and explore your usage down to the query and event level to uncover patterns

  • Take advantage of custom Looker features like customized alerts, and data actions to control your Amazon Redshift and AWS usage directly from Looker

  • Learn more from the our AWS Optimization Suite Solution Sheet

Smart Caching

Your whole data pipeline, perfectly in sync.

  • Looker is the first and only data platform that ties all of your data systems together

  • Data collection, ETL, data imports, etc. generally exist in their own world and run at their own times

  • Line everything up so all your systems are always running on the freshest data possible while putting the least amount of strain on your database

Advanced Scheduling Features

Make your data proactive.

  • Looker has added new capabilities to its already industry-leading saving & scheduling features

  • Maintain a single report or dashboard and schedule personalized versions to be sent to different people and teams

  • Programmatically personalize reports and dashboards for each recipient based on customizable attributes

New Visualizations

New ways to visualize the data you love.

  • Use the new funnel visualization to better understand drop-off rates between different stages of your funnel — whether it’s shopping cart to check-out or free-trial to close

  • Monitor how different groups of events happened over time — be it staffing coverage or customer sessions — with the new timeline visualization

Advanced Time Zone Handling

Normalize time zones without the headache.

  • Looker allows you to account for for different data being logged in different time zones at different times in your model

  • New features allow time zones to be customized on the front end to reflect user time zone, query origin time zone, or any other time zone someone wishes to use

  • Looker transforms your data at the time of query so it naturally handles time zones better

Looker's Segment Integration

  • Send data to Segment and a number of their supported Integrations like Marketo, Hubspot, and Mailchimp directly from the Looker UI

  • Act on your data with your favorite marketing tools automatically from Looker — no more manually uploading and downloading CSVs

  • Combine disparate data sources in Looker and define custom User Cohorts to identify Upsell opportunities, and Win-back campaigns

Instant Insight

Explore your data in Looker, no code required.

  • Start exploring the data in your database right away from an intuitive, point-and-click interface

  • Don’t stress your laptop. Looker lets you explore data seamlessly in the cloud, leveraging your database to understand your data

  • Share insights as you explore new datasets. Collaboration is as easy as copying and pasting a URL

Looker for Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service

Actionable analytics for all your Google marketing data in one place.

  • Easily load all the data from your Google marketing apps into Google BigQuery Cloud Data Warehouse

  • Use custom Looker Blocks® on top to quickly make sense of the data with reports and dashboards for insights

  • See how changes on AdWords, YouTube, Google Analytics, and DoubleClick affect one another

  • Load the rest of your company’s data into BigQuery to get an even fuller picture with Looker

  • Learn more from the Architecture Solution Sheet


The best way to understand LookVR is to experience it in action.

  • Using LookVR, your imagination is the limit in envisioning new ways to explore and share your data

  • Looker’s API and innovative modeling layer let you easily wrangle your data, so you can focus on building an application

  • The Looker Platform is built for today, and for the future

  • Looker is architected to adapt to changing needs and ever-evolving technologies. Because of our flexible architecture, LookVR was up and running in an afternoon

Looker + Amazon Athena

Use Looker and Athena to directly query data in S3.

  • Looker 4.6 supports Amazon Athena, the new S3 querying service from AWS

  • Amazon Athena automatically executes queries in parallel, so most results come back within seconds

  • Looker leverages Athena directly via the JDBC driver, so you don’t lose any speed

  • Looker, which focuses on actually getting value from data, is a perfect match for Athena, which is all about making S3 datalakes valuable

Data Actions

Initiate actions across nearly any application directly from Looker.

  • Take action on data right in Looker — anything from updating a field in Salesforce to assigning a ticket in Zendesk

  • Quit jumping between multiple, slow tabs and tools to accomplish your everyday work

  • Save hours every day by automating or triggering periodic tasks based on custom criteria

  • Correct any data mistakes immediately, making all data & reports consistently accurate

Slack Your Data

The Lookerbot for Slack makes it easy to bring data into Slack conversations.

  • Quickly access all your data in Looker directly via Slack

  • Schedule Looks and alerts to Slack so you know the second anything changes and can take action immediately

  • Create (Slack or Lookerbot) commands specific to your company’s needs

  • Find the Lookerbot in the Slack App Directory

Blocks Directory

Looker Blocks® make it easy for any business to start analyzing data faster and more accurately.

  • Browse dozens of Looker services, industry-leading analysis patterns, and partner integrations, all in one centralized location

  • Search and filter by industry and use-case to identify the blocks that can accelerate your business

  • Learn from some of the today’s most advanced companies and adopt the blocks they’re already using

  • Follow modeling and analytics best-practices, developed throughout thousands of customer implementations