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Easily Analyze Data with Looker's Data Visualization Tools.

Visualizations are a great starting point, but they only show part of the picture. For most users, data visualization is the jumping off point for much deeper analysis.

Interactive data visualizations make deeper analysis simple. With Looker, visualizations are built on fresh data direct from the source and they update in real-time. When you need to know more, you can drill from the visualization into row-level detail.

With Looker, data analysis is convenient and appealing.

An Easier Way to Make Data Beautiful


Select a visualization from the Looker library, or build your own.


Enhance your visualizations with elegant details from trend lines to conditional formatting.


Pop your visualization onto a dashboard and start building schedules, set alerts, and more!

Let Your Data Work Harder For Your Business

Uncover hidden value with interactive visualizations.

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Fresh Data Never Looked So Good

Choose from an expansive visualization library with unlimited customization options, available for all Looker instances.


A beautiful way to visualize hierarchical data in an engaging and informative way.


A great way to depict flows through a system, Sankey diagrams are ideal for visualizing web traffic data.


Displays the relationships between multiple pairs of entities in a system, making it an effective way to depict movement between products or vendors in a market.


A chart that makes it easy to compare multiple variables together. A great tool for analyzing multiple brands and product lines.


A clear way to visualize relationships between two dimensions in a grid format.

Additional Visualizations Include:
Bubble Charts Collapsible Tree Heatmap
Gauge Word Cloud Calendar
Devices Area Range Waterfall
Stopwatch Treemap and more

Looking for something even more specific? Build a visualization yourself, and we’ll add it to your Looker workflow.

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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