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Turn data into insights that power better decisions.

Analyze data easily with Looker’s visualization tools

Visualizations allow us to turn massive amounts of data into digestible insights. A well-built dashboard can impact the trajectory of business by aligning the company around a single set of meaningful KPIs.

Looker’s data visualization tools allow for deeper analysis into the live, accurate, and row-level detail that drives your business.

Dashboards that let you go deeper

Most BI tools can create beautiful visualizations that roll into impressive dashboards.

Looker’s dashboards are live, interactive, and dynamic, so you can go beyond the surface and dive into the underlying data.

Drill down to answer more questions

One visualization or dashboard can’t answer all your questions. Looker sits on fresh, governed data, giving you access to row-level detail so you can drill through charts to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Insights that guide positive action

Looker makes taking the next step easy, whether it's emailing a customer about a delay, texting a group about a security breach, or booking a meeting with a rep to discuss quota.

One dashboard, many experiences

Looker dashboards can be set up to filter for individuals or groups dynamically. Have one dashboard for sales reps, one dashboard for customer success managers, and one dashboard for external viewers.

Visualizations as unique as your business

Develop any visualization using JavaScript and save it to your Looker instance with just a few clicks. Looking for some inspiration? We offer a directory of custom visualizations created by the Looker community.

Fresh data that looks great

How do you want to see your data in Looker? Choose from our library for everything from sunbursts to stopwatches. Looking for something even more specific? Build your own visualization, and we’ll add it to your Looker workflow.

funnel visualization


map visualization


timeline visualization


donut chart

Donut multiples

line and bar graph

Combined charts

Create your own

Tell stories with your data

Strong data visualization and storytelling skills are vital for informing and improving your audience’s understanding. Learn how you can make more compelling presentations with our comprehensive guide, featuring tips on: using visualization to tell a great story, communicating data clearly and effectively and building action-oriented and impactful dashboards.

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Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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