Jumpstart: Driving First Use Case Success

The Jumpstart program was created with a focus on training and enablement. Jumpstarts are geared towards helping organizations of any size achieve Looker first use-case success. We will equip your team with Looker knowledge and best practices so that your analysts can become Looker experts and build a sustainable and extendible platform. During a Looker Jumpstart, our team does not develop your model for you, rather, we work to coach your analysts to build your Looker model.

Components of a Looker Jumpstart:

Status Assessment We will work with you to review your current data architecture, your LookML model, and your Looks and Dashboards. We will partner with you to define business objectives to ensure that you are able to reach first use case success.
Project Management and Strategic Technical Support During your Jumpstart, you will be assigned an Engagement Manager and a dedicated Professional Services Consultant who will be available to guide your team through your initial implementation.
Developer Training Looker’s Foundations raining has been designed to familiarize your developers with the Looker development environment and Looker best practices to ensure that you are building a maintainable, and extendible model.
LookML Model Co-Development Sessions Developers will learn LookML model development via co-development sessions with one of our Looker experts. Up to five ninety-minute co-development sessions are included for an internal analytics implementation and additional time is granted for embedded analytics deployments.
Business-user Training Looker provides up to two hours of hands-on training, geared towards enabling non-technical users to confidently explore data and create looks and dashboards within our platform.
Recommendations Summary Your Looker Professional Services Consultant will deliver a summary of the completed project and will highlight recommended next steps to ensure your long-term analytics success.

Looker provides Jumpstart support for both internal and embedded analytics deployments.
Reach out to the Looker team for additional information.