The Looker Customer Support Program provides technical assistance for the Product, access to the Documentation and update/upgrade releases for the Product. Unless otherwise noted in the Order Form, Looker shall provide Customer Core Support Services (as defined below) during Customer’s Subscription Term. Premier Support is available at an additional fee, and if ordered, will be reflected in an Order Form.


    1. Technical Assistance. Looker’s Customer Support staff shall provide technical assistance to support the administration of the Product to the Customer’s Authorized Contacts in accordance with the terms of the applicable Support Services Plan Level described below. Customer agrees that only Authorized Contacts will contact Looker for technical support and that Customer, and not Looker, shall be responsible for providing front-line support to Customer’s Users. Customer Support does not include training or professional services.
    2. Support Availability. Looker Customer Support staff are available to provide in-app chat support to an Authorized Contact in accordance with the terms of the applicable Support Services Plan Level described below. “Business Hours” is defined as between 1 am and 6 pm Pacific Time, and “Business Days” is defined as Monday through Friday excluding US and UK local holidays. Eligibility for chat support requires an active Looker User license and will only be provided to an Authorized Contact.
    3. Authorized Contact. An Authorized Contact is an individual who has either of the following: (i) completed training (including implementation training), or (ii) certified partner status including implementation training.
    4. Language of Support. Unless specific arrangements are made in writing in advance, all Customer Support will be provided in English.
    5. Scope of Support. Looker is not obligated to provide Customer Support if: (a) the Product has not been used in a manner consistent with the Documentation; (b) Customer has disabled connectivity required for Support services; (c) the Product has been altered or modified by any party other than Looker; (d) an upgrade, update or patch that Looker has recommended and made available has not been installed due to Customer’s actions or instructions; or (e) Looker is not able, after commercially reasonable efforts, to replicate an error or problem in the Product within the Looker Support laboratory environment. Looker does not provide support for third-party software or hardware.

    1. Issue Severity Definitions:
      • S1 - Critical: Complete loss of application functionality causing a critical impact on business operations.
      • S2 - Urgent: The Product is operative but degraded causing a significant impact on business operation.
      • S3 - Tolerable: The Product is usable, non-critical functionality or components are affected, most operations are unaffected.
      • S4 - Question: Includes general questions, requests for documentation, or other non-critical system related issues. Operations are not affected.
    2. Reclassification. Looker may reclassify the priority level upward or downward and modify the order, classifications and method of responding to and/or addressing such issues, if any, at any time.
    3. Priority Response Time.
      Looker will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond within the Response Time set forth below in accordance with: (a) the specific priority level assigned by Looker, and (b) the Support Services Plan purchased by Customer.

      Looker’s response consists of either: (a) Looker remediation of the support issue, or (b) confirmation that Looker has received the support issue reported and indication of active remediation efforts.

Core Support Services Plan:

Issue Severity Level Response Time
(Business Hours/Off Hours)
Update Frequency
(Business Hours/Off Hours)
S1 1 hour/2 hours 8 hours/12 hours
S2 4 hours/6 hours 12 hours/Next Business Day
S3 & S4 1 Business Day/2 Business Days On Request

Premier Support Services Plan:

Issue Severity Level Response Time
(Business Hours/Off Hours)
Update Frequency
(Business Hours/Off Hours)
S1 30 minutes/1 hour 4 hours/8 hours
S2 1 hour/2 hours 8 hours/12 hours
S3 & S4 Next Business Day On Request

    1. New Releases. During the Subscription Term, Looker will notify Customer of new Product releases if and when they are made available. Product releases include Product version updates, feature releases, and patches. Looker will provide new Product releases in accordance with our Looker Hosted Maintenance Hours.

      Product updates do not include products or features sold separately or new products and features that Looker may develop and release for additional fees. Customer may add such new functionality and/or features to the Product that it subscribes to upon payment of the additional fees. Customer agrees that its Subscription is not contingent upon the delivery of any future functionality or features nor is it dependent upon any oral or written public comments made by Looker with respect to future functionality or features.
    2. End of Life Policy. Looker provides active support to the most recent minor release (e.g. 6.4), the previous two minor releases (e.g. 6.2, 6.0) and the most recent Extended Support Release. Beyond these releases, we consider versions End-of-Life (EOL) as designated by the Officially Supported Releases.


Core Support. Includes the following:

Premier Support. Includes the following: